Here is a collection a different activities that we fell are nice to share with the world.

Me and lately also my brother have been trekking in Europe together with some friends. Currently we have been at the king’s trails in north of Sweden, Jotunheimen in Norway and Great Glen Way in Scotland. One of the goals, for each trip, are to reach the highest point in the countries visited. For Sweden this is Kebnekaise, in Norway it is Galdhøpiggen and in Scotland it is Ben Nevis also called “The Ben”. Our trekking trips are further described under the trekking section with routes and some photos of the gorgeous views we have experienced. I hope this will give you some nice trekking ideas.

The old man, our father, spends a lot of time working to improve our old cottage, where his great grand father once lived. Our ancestor was a soldier in the kings army. Due to this he was allotted the cottage and some surrounding land.