Jämtlands Triangeln, Sweden 13'


Our first time to Jämtlands fjällen and the trek on the well established route of Jämtlands triangeln. We felt it was time for an easy trip, where we can enjoy the nature and stop at the cabins and enjoy their luxury.


The participants of this escapade where:
  • Lasse Ö
  • Robert M
  • Erik Ö
  • Arvid K


The trip started when we arrived to Storulvån in Jämtlands fjällen by car early Friday morning. Pictures from the trek can be found in the image gallery by choosing photo album ‘Jämtlands Triangeln’.

Storulvån - Sylarna
Arriving at Storulvån Cabins around 10 and started our trek towards Sylarna at 11. The weather was cloudy with a temperature around 10°C. From my point of view it was a rather good weather, though I would have liked a bit more sunshine than we got during the day. It took about 6 hours to reach the cabins at Sylarna and during that time we stopped at two places. At one of these places we ate and the other was a lowly watercourse. During this time the sun shone through the clouds and it was just before the climb towards the Sylarna cabins, which was about 3 km away. When we finally reach the Sylarna cabins we found a good place to setup our tents and prepare for the evening.

Sylarna - Blåhammar
Saturday morning started marvelously it was sunny no clouds and around 17°C in the sun. We started to walk from Sylarna cabins at 11. It started down hill towards the watercourse and then continued upwards over a hill. During the walk up hill the clouds started to come and it started to blow. When it was rather windy we ate our lunch in a rescue cabin between Sylarna and Blåhammar cabins. Then it was the last part towards Blåhammar cabins left, we where half way, and it was almost only up hill. After an hour after lunch it started to rain and the higher we got the rain turned into wet snow. At 5 we finally arrived at Blåhammar cabins. One of the things we had been thinking of on the rainy trek was the midday meal at the restaurant. However, when we arrived it was already fully booked. Due to the rain we did sleep in the cabins and relaxed.

Blåhammar - Storulvån
Sunday morning started with gorgeous sunrise when we woke up very early in the morning. We started the last 12 km of this trek with sunny weather and a blue sky the temperature was around 0°. After an hour the wind started to blow with an increased strength and soon after it is started to snow. It continued to snow until we reached Storulvån around 11.

A map of this route in Jämtlands fjällen can be seen below.