Fjällräven Classic, Sweden 12'


This time around we felt rather confident that we would make the 110 kilometer long trek in less than three days, which is the goal for this years trek on the King´s trail. Due changes in the rules every one that participates obtains the gold medal. However, we wanted to finish the trek in less than three days, which was the deadline in Fjällräven Classic 07’. Our team name this year was the “Three Musketeers”.


The participants of this escapade where:
  • Lasse Ö
  • Jon-Erik D
  • Robert M


This trekking tour started at Nikkaluokta, bottom of the map red square, and ended at Abisko tourist station, top of the map red circle. During this 110 kilometer long trek, we camped at three different locations marked with red stars. These places are shown on the map below. Pictures from the trek can be found in our image gallery, by choosing the photo album ‘King´s trail 2012’.